East Africa Protectorate / Queen Victoria

East Africa Protectorate - Queen Victoria (1 July 1895 - 22 January 1901)

East Africa Protectorate (also known as British East Africa) was an area in the African Great Lakes occupying roughly the same terrain as present-day Kenya (approximately 639,209 km2) from the Indian Ocean inland to Uganda and the Great Rift Valley. Although part of the dominions of the Sultan of Zanzibar, it was controlled by Britain in the late 19th century; it grew out of British commercial interests in the area in the 1880s and remained a protectorate until 1920 when it became the colony of Kenya, save for an independent country - a 16-kilometre-wide coastal strip that became the Kenya protectorate.

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Queen Victoria: Details
CountryEast Africa Protectorate
From1 July 1895
To22 January 1901
Personal Information Queen Victoria
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Country Details
NameEast Africa Protectorate
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FlagFlag of East Africa Protectorate