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Information about reign: Henri V (King Henry V), disputed

CountryFrance, First Restoration and Second Kingdom
From2 August 1830
To9 August 1830
Personal InformationKing Henry V of France (1820 - 1883)

Henri of Artois, Count of Chambord (Henri Charles Ferdinand Marie Dieudonné d'Artois, duc de Bordeaux, comte de Chambord) was disputedly King of France from 2 to 9 August 1830 as Henri V, although he was never officially proclaimed as such. Afterwards, he was the Legitimist pretender to the throne of France from 1844 to 1883.

Henri was the posthumous son of Charles Ferdinand, Duke of Berry, younger son of Charles X of France, by his wife, Princess Carolina of Naples and Sicily, daughter of King Francis I of the Two Sicilies. As the grandson of the King Charles X of France, Henri was a Petit-Fils de France. He also was the last legitimate descendant in the male line of Louis XV of France.

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