Isle of Man / Edward, Earl of Derby, Lord of Mann

Isle of Man - Edward, Earl of Derby, Lord of Mann (23 May 1521 - 24 October 1572)

Edward Stanley, 3rd Earl of Derby KG was an English nobleman.

At the age of thirteen, Edward received the titles and estates of his father, the 2nd Earl of Derby, and King Henry VIII took responsibility for bringing him up until he was of age. His commissioners, including Cardinal Thomas Wolsey were responsible for most of his affairs.

In 1532, Edward accompanied King Henry to Boulogne, where they met with King Francis I of France. After this meeting, Edward became a Knight of the Bath. A few years later, Edward took a major role in quelling the Pilgrimage of Grace, a large (mainly church-related) rebellion started in Lincolnshire and spread into North England. In 1542, Edward accompanied the Duke of Norfolk on a raid into Scotland.

When Edward VI ascended to the throne in 1547, Edward became a Knight of the Garter, and in 1550, he was one of the peers who were present at the peace proceedings with Scotland and France. A year later, various charges were brought against him (with little or no evidence), mainly due to his opposition to clerical reform. However, when Queen Mary ascended to the throne, he was again in favour, and was appointed Lord High Steward and became a Privy Councillor. He was a commissioner of Lady Jane Grey's trial, and was frequently present during the trials of accused heretics. He remained in favour under Queen Elizabeth I's reign, and remained on her Privy Council. She eventually appointed him Chamberlain of Chester.

Edward Stanley died at Lathom House, and his titles and estates were passed on to his eldest son, Henry Stanley.

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Edward, Earl of Derby, Lord of Mann: Details
CountryIsle of Man
From23 May 1521
To24 October 1572
Personal Information Edward Stanley, 3rd Earl of Derby
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NameIsle of Man
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