Jordan / عبد الله الأول بن الحسين (King Abdullah I)

Jordan - عبد الله الأول بن الحسين (King Abdullah I) (25 May 1946 - 20 July 1951)

Abdullah I bin al-Hussein, King of Jordan (Arabic: عبد الله الأول بن الحسين‎‎), born in Mecca, Hejaz, Ottoman Empire (in modern-day Saudi Arabia), was the second of three sons of Hussein bin Ali, Sharif and Emir of Mecca and his first wife Abdiyya bint Abdullah (d. 1886).

He was educated in Istanbul and Hejaz. From 1909 to 1914, Abdullah sat in the Ottoman legislature, as deputy for Mecca, but allied with Britain during World War I. Between 1916 and 1918, working with the British guerrilla leader T. E. Lawrence, he played a key role as architect and planner of the Great Arab Revolt against Ottoman rule, leading guerrilla raids on garrisons. He was the ruler of Transjordan and its successor state, Jordan, from 1921 to 1951 - first as Emir under a British Mandate from 1921 to 1946, then as King of an independent nation from 1946 until his assassination in 1951.

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From25 May 1946
To20 July 1951
Personal Information King Abdullah I of Jordan
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