Kongo / Manikongo Lukeni lua Nimi (King Lukeni lua Nimi)

Kongo - Manikongo Lukeni lua Nimi (King Lukeni lua Nimi) (1390 - 1420)

Lukeni lua Nimi (also Ntinu Nimi a Lukeni) was the first king and founder of the Kingdom of Kongo Dia Ntotila. The name Nimi a Lukeni appeared in later oral traditions and some modern historians, notably Jean Cuvelier, popularized it. He conquered the kingdom of Mwene.

He was the son of his father Nimi and the Mwene Mbata's daughter, according to traditions recorded by Giovanni Cavazzi da Montecuccolo in the mid 17th century. Although he probably ruled in the valley of the Kwilu River in modern-day Democratic Republic of Congo, he is credited with conquering the region of modern-day Mbanza Kongo, displacing a local ruler named Mwene Mpangala and building his capital there. He probably ruled in the late 14th century.

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