Monaco / Lord Louis and Lord Jean I

Monaco - Lord Louis and Lord Jean I (January 1395 - 19 December 1395)

Jean I Grimaldi was Lord of Monaco three times; in 1395 for the first time together with his uncle Louis, after which the country was under Genoese control from 19 December 1395 to 11 May 1397 then under his Louis (alone) until 5 November 1402; then Jean ruled jointly with his brothers Ambroise and Antonie from 1419 to 1427 when Antonie died and Jean I bought out his brother Ambroise in exchange for the rule over Menton and Roquebrune, to rule alone until his death.

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Lord Louis and Lord Jean I: Details
FromJanuary 1395
To19 December 1395
Personal Information Lord Louis of Monaco
Lord Jean I of Monaco
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