Navarre / Gartzea III.a Sanoitz (King García Sánchez III)

Navarre - Gartzea III.a Sanoitz (King García Sánchez III) (18 October 1035 - 15 September 1054)

García Sánchez III (Basque: Gartzea III.a Sanoitz), nicknamed García from Nájera (Basque: Gartzea Naiarakoa, Spanish: García el de Nájera) was King of Pamplona (later known as Navarre) from 1034 until his death. He was also Count of Álava and had under his personal control part of the County of Castile.

As the eldest son of Sancho III he inherited the dynastic rights over the crown of Pamplona, becoming feudal overlord over two of his brothers: Ramiro, who was given lands that would serve as the basis for the Kingdom of Aragón; and Gonzalo, who received the counties of Sobrarbe and Ribagorza. Likewise, he had some claim to suzerainty over his brother Ferdinand, who under their father had served as Count of Castile, nominally subject to the Kingdom of León but brought under the personal control of Sancho III.

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Gartzea III.a Sanoitz (King García Sánchez III): Details
From18 October 1035
To15 September 1054
Personal Information King García Sánchez III of Pamplona
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