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Information about reign: Eneko (King Íñigo Arista)

Personal InformationKing Íñigo Arista of Pamplona (790 - 851)

Íñigo Arista (Basque: Eneko "my little (love)", Arabic: ونّقه‎‎, Wannaqo) was a Basque leader, considered the first King of Pamplona (later known as Navarre). He is thought to have risen to prominence after the defeat of local Frankish partisans in 816, and his rule is usually dated from shortly after the defeat of a Carolingian army in 824.

He is first attested by chroniclers as a rebel against the Emirate of Córdoba from 840 until his death a decade later. Remembered as the nation's founder, he would be referred to as early as the 10th century by the nickname "Arista", coming either from Basque Aritza (Haritza/Aiza, literally 'the oak', meaning 'the resilient') or Latin Aresta ('the considerable').

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