Navarre / Luis I.a (King Louis I)

Navarre - Luis I.a (King Louis I) (4 April 1305 - 5 June 1316)

Louis X, called the Quarreler, the Headstrong, or the Stubborn (French: le Hutin), was a monarch of the House of Capet who ruled as King of Navarre (as Louis I, Basque: Luis I.a Nafarroakoa) and Count of Champagne from 1305 and as King of France from 1314 until his death.

Louis was the eldest son of Philip IV of France and Joan I of Navarre. His short reign as king of France was marked by the hostility of the nobility against fiscal and centralization reforms initiated by Enguerrand de Marigny, the Grand Chamberlain of France, under the reign of his father. Louis' uncle - Charles of Valois, leader of the feudalist party - managed to convince the king to execute Enguerrand de Marigny.

Louis allowed serfs to buy their freedom (which was the first step towards the abolition of serfdom), abolished slavery, and readmitted French Jews into the kingdom.

In 1305, Louis had married Margaret of Burgundy, with whom he had Joan II of Navarre. Margaret was later convicted of adultery and died in prison, possibly murdered by strangulation. In 1315, Louis married Clementia of Hungary, who gave birth to John I of France a few months after the king's death. John's untimely death led to a disputed succession.

The English translation of the royal style of King Louis X was "By the Grace of God, King of France and Navarre, Count of Champagne".

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Luis I.a (King Louis I): Details
From4 April 1305
To5 June 1316
Personal Information King Louis X the Quarreler of France
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