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Information about reign: Antso IV.a Gartzez (King Sancho Garcés IV)

From15 September 1054
To4 June 1076
Personal InformationKing Sancho Garcés IV of Pamplona (1039 - 1076)

Sancho Garcés IV (Basque: Antso IV.a Gartzez), nicknamed Sancho of Peñalén (Basque: Antso Peñalengoa, Spanish: Sancho de Peñalén) was King of Pamplona (later known as Navarre) from 1054 until his death in 1076. He was the eldest son of García Sánchez III and Stephanie of Foix and was crowned king of Pamplona after his father was killed during the Battle of Atapuerca.

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