Navarre / Antso VI.a (King Sancho VI Garcés)

Navarre - Antso VI.a (King Sancho VI Garcés) (21 November 1150 - 27 June 1194)

Sancho VI Garcés (Basque: Antso VI), called the Wise, was king of Navarre from 1150 until his death in 1194.

Son of García Ramírez and Margaret of L'Aigle, Sancho was the first to use the title "King of Navarre" as the sole designation of his kingdom, dropping Pamplona out of titular use.

His reign was full of clashes with Castile and Aragon. He was a monastic founder and many architectural accomplishments date to his reign. He is also responsible for bringing his kingdom into the political orbit of Europe.

He died on 27 June 1194, in Pamplona, where he is interred.

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Antso VI.a (King Sancho VI Garcés): Details
From21 November 1150
To27 June 1194
Personal Information King Sancho VI Garcés of Navarre
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FlagFlag of Navarre