New Zealand / King Edward VII

New Zealand - King Edward VII (22 January 1901 - 6 May 1910)

The monarchy of New Zealand - also referred to as the Crown in Right of New Zealand, Her Majesty in Right of New Zealand, or the Queen in Right of New Zealand - is the constitutional system of government in which a hereditary monarch is the sovereign and head of state of New Zealand, forming the core of the country's Westminster-style parliamentary democracy. The Crown is thus the foundation of the executive, legislative, and judicial branches of the New Zealand government.

Royal Mint
Royal Mint
King Edward VII: Details
CountryNew Zealand
From22 January 1901
To6 May 1910
Personal Information King Edward VII of the United Kingdom
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Country Details
NameNew Zealand
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FlagFlag of New Zealand
Coat of ArmsCoat of Arms of New Zealand
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