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Information about reign: Papa Gregorius Nonus (Pope Gregory IX)

CountryPapal States
From19 March 1227
To22 August 1241
Personal InformationPope Gregory IX (1145 - 1241)

Pope Gregory IX (Latin: Gregorius IX, born Ugolino di Conti), was Pope from 19 March 1227 to his death in 1241. He is known for issuing the Decretales and instituting the Papal Inquisition, a mechanism that severely punished people accused of heresy, in response to the failures of the episcopal inquisitions established during the time of Pope Lucius III through his papal bull Ad abolendam issued in 1184.

The successor of Pope Honorius III, he fully inherited the traditions of Pope Gregory VII and of his cousin Pope Innocent III, and zealously continued their policy of Papal supremacy.

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