Portugal, Kingdom of / Dom João II (King João II)

Portugal, Kingdom of - Dom João II (King João II) (28 August 1481 - 25 October 1495)

John II (Portuguese: João II), the Perfect Prince (Portuguese: o Príncipe Perfeito), was the king of Portugal and the Algarves in 1477/1481–1495.

He is known for re-establishing the power of the Portuguese throne, reinvigorating the Portuguese economy, and renewing his country's exploration of Africa and the Orient.

John II died at Alvor at age 40 without legitimate children. He was succeeded by his first cousin Manuel I.

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Dom João II (King João II): Details
CountryPortugal, Kingdom of
From28 August 1481
To25 October 1495
Personal Information King João II of Portugal
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NamePortugal, Kingdom of
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