Portugal, Kingdom of / Dom Manuel II (King Manuel II)

Portugal, Kingdom of - Dom Manuel II (King Manuel II) (1 February 1908 - 5 October 1910)

Dom Manuel II "the Patriot" (Portuguese: "o Patriota") or "the Unfortunate" (Portuguese: "o Desventurado") was the last King of Portugal, ascending the throne after the assassination of his father, King Carlos I, and his elder brother, Luís Filipe, the Prince Royal. Before ascending the throne he was Duke of Beja. His reign ended with the dissolution of the monarchy in the 5 October 1910 revolution, and Manuel lived the rest of his life in exile in Twickenham, South London.

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Dom Manuel II (King Manuel II): Details
CountryPortugal, Kingdom of
From1 February 1908
To5 October 1910
Personal Information King Manuel II of Portugal
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NamePortugal, Kingdom of
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FlagFlag of Portugal, Kingdom of