Russia, Tsardom of / Царь Фёдор III Алексеевич (Tsar Feodor III)

Russia, Tsardom of - Царь Фёдор III Алексеевич (Tsar Feodor III) (8 February 1676 - 7 May 1682)

Feodor (Theodore) III Alexeyevich of Russia (in Russian: Фёдор III Алексеевич) was the Tsar of all Russia between 1676 and 1682. He was born in Moscow, the eldest surviving son of Tsar Alexis and Maria Miloslavskaya. In 1676, at the age of fifteen, he succeeded his father on the throne. He was endowed with a fine intellect and a noble disposition; he had received an excellent education at the hands of Simeon Polotsky, the most learned Slavonic monk of the day. He knew Polish and even possessed the unusual accomplishment of Latin. He had been disabled from birth, however, horribly disfigured and half paralysed by a mysterious disease, supposed to be scurvy.

Fyodor's first consort, Agaphia Simeonovna Grushevskaya, shared his progressive views. She was the first to advocate beard-shaving. On 11 July 1681, the Tsaritsa gave birth to her son, Tsarevich Ilya Fyodorovich, the expected heir to the throne. Agaphia died as a consequence of the childbirth three days later, on 14 July, and seven days later, on 21 July, the ten-days-old Tsarevich also died.

Seven months later, on 24 February 1682 Fyodor married a second time Marfa Apraksina, daughter of Matvei Vasilievich Apraksin and wife Domna Bogdanovna Lovchikova. Feodor died three months after his new wedding, on 7 May, aged 20, without surviving issue. The news of his death sparked the Moscow Uprising of 1682.

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Царь Фёдор III Алексеевич (Tsar Feodor III): Details
CountryRussia, Tsardom of
From8 February 1676
To7 May 1682
Personal Information Tsar Feodor III of Russia
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NameRussia, Tsardom of
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FlagFlag of Russia, Tsardom of
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