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Information about reign: King Athanagild

CountryVisigothic Kingdom
FromMarch 554
ToDecember 567
Personal InformationKing Athanagild of the Visigoths (517 - 567)

Athanagild (Gothic: AĆ¾anagilds) was Visigothic King of Hispania and Septimania. He had rebelled against his predecessor, Agila I, in 551. The armies of Agila and Athanagild met at Seville, where Agila met a second defeat. Following the death of Agila in 554, he was sole ruler for the rest of his reign.

Roger Collins writes that Athanagild's reign "is perhaps more significant than our sources may care to let us believe." Collins argues that the account of Isidore of Seville may be colored by the hostility subsequent Visigothic kings had towards Athanagild and his descendants.