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Information about reign: King Liuva I and King Liuvigild

CountryVisigothic Kingdom
Persons King Liuva I of the Visigoths (unknown - 571)
King Liuvigild of the Visigoths (519 - 586)

Liuva I (Gothic: Liuba ; died 571 or 572) was a Visigothic King of Hispania and Septimania.

He was made king at Narbonne following the death of Athanagild in 567. Roger Collins notes this was the first time a Visigothic king is mentioned in the north-eastern region of the realm since 531, when Amalaric was murdered. He suggests Liuva's coronation near the border with the Franks was because of renewed threats from that neighbor; under Guntram, the Franks are known to have posed more of a threat to the Visigoths. This threat would also explain why in the second year of his reign, Liuva made his brother Liuvigild both co-ruler and heir, putting him in direct charge of Hispania Citerior, or the eastern part of Hispania.

After the death of Liuva I, Liuvigild ruled alone until his death.