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Information about reign: King Recceswinth

CountryVisigothic Kingdom
From30 September 653
To1 September 672
Personal InformationKing Recceswinth of the Visigoths (unknown - 672)

Recceswinth (Gothic: Raikaswinþs), also known as Reccesuinth, Recceswint, Reccaswinth, Recesvinto (Spanish, Galician and Portuguese), Recceswinthus, Reccesvinthus, and Recesvindus (Latin), (? – 1 September 672) was the Visigothic King of Hispania, Septimania and Galicia in 649–672. He ruled jointly with his father Chindaswinth until his father's death in 653.

Under Recceswinth, the Visigothic Kingdom enjoyed unbroken peace for 19 years (653–672) - except for a brief rebellion of the Vascons, led by a Gothic noble named Froya. During the rebellion, the Vascons penetrated as far as Saragossa, and committed great atrocities until Froya was captured and put to death.