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Information about reign: King Theudis

CountryVisigothic Kingdom
ToJune 548
Personal InformationKing Theudis of the Visigoths (470 - 548)

Theudis (Gothic: Þiudeis, Spanish: Teudis, Portuguese: Têudis) was king of the Visigoths in Hispania from 531 to 548. He was the sword-bearer of Theodoric the Great, who sent him to govern the Visigothic kingdom during the minority of Amalaric, the son of king Alaric II and Theodegotho, the daughter of king Theodoric.

In 548, he was assassinated in his palace by a man who had feigned madness in order to get close enough to strike the fatal blow. According to Isidore of Seville, as he bled out Theudis called out that no one kill his murderer, "saying that he had received a requital agreeing with his own deserts, because he himself too as a private citizen had killed his leader."