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BBCAnglo-Saxon coin find near York is 'jaw dropping'
United Kingdom
Aug. 18, 2016

A rare coin found in York by a man who took up metal detecting a week before has been described as "jaw dropping". Experts at Yorkshire Museum said the coin was 1,400 years old and is one of only 19 ever found.

The Anglo-Saxon gold shilling was one of the first coins minted in York and is believed to be worth between £5,000 and £7,000.

BBCSpanish pipe-layers find large Roman coin hoard
April 29, 2016

Construction workers laying pipes in a park in southern Spain have unearthed a 600kg trove of Roman coins. The bronze coins dating from the late 4th Century were found inside 19 Roman amphoras, a type of jar.

They bear images of the emperors Constantine and Maximian and it is thought they may have been used to pay soldiers or civil servants.

BBCTrove of ancient Roman coins found in Switzerland
Nov. 20, 2015

A Swiss farmer has discovered a huge trove of ancient Roman coins in his cherry orchard. The stash of more than 4,000 bronze and silver coins is believed to have been buried some 1,700 years ago.

People's Daily Online10 tons of copper coins unearthed in 2,000 years old ancient tomb
Nov. 5, 2015

In Xinjian, China's Jiangxi Province, recently a 2,000 years old tomb from Western Han Dynasty (206BC - 9AD) was discovered. Over 10,000 objects were unearthed, including 10 tons of cooper coins (2 million pieces, which have equal value of 50 kilograms of gold today), chime, bamboo slips, tomb figurines etc., which reveal the lives of the nobility in the Western Han Dynasty.