Pound (Silver), Coin Type from Biafra - detailed information

Pound (Silver), Coin Type from Biafra (issued 1969 - 1969)
Coin TypePound (Silver)

Apart from regular circulating coins, in 1969 a pair of commemorative silver coins were also issued: a crown (equal to five shillings) and a pound.

According to "Stephen Album Rare Coins", a company which has sold a handful of the rare crowns:

"Little is known about this seldom encountered commemorative, probably intended for two years of independence. ... No specimen has appeared at auction or for sale in recent years, to the best of our recollection."

The cataloger for Album suggests that the piece is often attributed to an Italian firm known as Istituto Numismatico Europeo, "but there is no evidence to confirm this assumption".

Composition: 0.750 silver (0.6173 oz. ASW).


Above an open wreath tied with ribbon, the Coat of Arms of Biafra: eagle perched on a cow horn above a shield; the top half of the shield has the rising sun in it, with eleven rays of the sun - one for each province; the lower half has three interlaced circles; the shield is supported by two leopards. In a ribbon under the shield, the national motto PEACE · UNITY · FREEDOM. Around above, REPUBLIC OF BIAFRA. Below the Coat of Arms, the date 1969.

Obverse Inscription REPUBLIC OF BIAFRA 1969

Eagle with spread wings perched on an open scroll; in a ribbon around above: SPES THE FIGHT FOR SURVIVAL. Around below, the denomination ONE 1 POUND.

Reverse Inscription ONE 1 POUND
EdgePlainEdge InscriptionNone

Not listed in Remick.

Coin Type: Pound (Silver) - (1) Coins
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Pound (Silver): Details
CurrencyBiafran Pound
Sub-type ofPound
Face Value1 (x Pound)
CurrentNo (demonetised 1970)
Material0.750 Silver
TechnologyMilled (machine-made)
Mass25.600 g
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