Silver Half Ounce (1/2 oz), Bullion, Coin Type from Somalia - detailed information

Silver Half Ounce (1/2 oz), Bullion, Coin Type from Somalia (issued 2017 - )
Coin TypeSilver Half Ounce (1/2 oz), Bullion

The Somali Shilling is the official currency of Somalia. Due to inflation though, regular cash circulation in the country is handled not by coins but mostly by banknotes and foreign currency.

The country has also authorised the Bavarian Central Mint to issue bullion coins under its jurisdiction. The African Wildlife Series features a new design every year and has become very popular with collectors and bullion investors worldwide. The coins are in standard bullion sizes, such as half ounce of silver - designated as 1/2 oz Ag, where Ag is abbreviated from Argentum, the Latin word for silver.

Somalia / Silver Half Ounce (1/2 oz), Bullion - obverse photo

Within a beaded border, the obverse of the coin displays the Coat of Arms of Somalia, featuring a shield (its blue colour indicated in "heraldic hatching" by thin horizontal lines), in the centre of which is a five-pointed star. The shield is surmounted by a decorated emblem with five heads, the with two lateral ones halved. The shield is borne from the sides by two cheetahs stepping on spears and facing each other under the lower point of the shield, along with two palm leaves, which are interlaced with a white ribbon.

Around above, the name of the country in English: SOMALI REPUBLIC. The date of issue, [year], is divided by the Coat of Arms.

Around below, the face value 50 SHILLINGS.

Obverse Inscription SOMALI REPUBLIC [year] 50 SHILLINGS
Somalia / Silver Half Ounce (1/2 oz), Bullion - reverse photo

Various designs as listed individually below.

Reverse Inscription AFRICAN WILDLIFE 1/2 oz Ag 999.9
EdgeMilledEdge InscriptionNone

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Coin Type: Silver Half Ounce (1/2 oz), Bullion - (13) Coins
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Royal Mint
Royal Mint
Silver Half Ounce (1/2 oz), Bullion: Details
CurrencySomali Shilling
Face Value50 (x Shilling - Second Shilling)
Material0.9999 Silver
TechnologyMilled (machine-made)
OrientationMedal Alignment (Axis 0)
Size33.0000 mm
Thickness2.4200 mm
Mass15.5520 g