Silver Half Ounce (1/2 oz), Coin Type from South Africa - detailed information

Silver Half Ounce (1/2 oz), Coin Type from South Africa (issued 1994 - )
Coin TypeSilver Half Ounce (1/2 oz)

South Africa pioneered modern bullion coinage when it first issued the Krugerrand on 3 July 1967 to help market South African gold; it is the first modern bullion coin and is still issued today.

Gradually, the South African Mint started diversifying the range, first by issuing fractional Krugerrands, then by introducing different designs and metals, such as a silver half-ounce (1/2 oz) format. The coins are made of Sterling silver (92.5% silver, 7.5% copper) and are slightly heavier than half ounce, so as to have exactly 0.500 oz ASW (Absolute Silver Weight). They are denominated with a face value of 10 cents.

South Africa / Silver Half Ounce (1/2 oz) - obverse photo

The obverse shows the Coat of Arms of South Africa at centre; around above that, the legend SOUTH AFRICA in English.

Around below, the date of issue [year].

The designer's initials ALS (for Arthur L. Sutherland) are to the left of the Coat of Arms.

Obverse Inscription SOUTH AFRICA [year]
South Africa / Silver Half Ounce (1/2 oz) - reverse photo

Various one-year type designs as described individually in the listings below.

Reverse Inscription 10c
EdgeMilledEdge InscriptionNone

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Royal Mint
Royal Mint
Silver Half Ounce (1/2 oz): Details
CountrySouth Africa
Face Value10 (x Rand)
Material0.925 Silver
TechnologyMilled (machine-made)
OrientationMedal Alignment (Axis 0)
Size32.7000 mm
Mass16.8130 g