Quarter Franc, Coin Type from Switzerland - detailed information

Quarter Franc, Coin Type from Switzerland (issued 2020 - )
Coin TypeQuarter Franc

On 23 January 2020 Swissmint released a new type of gold collector coin, dedicated to eminent physicist Albert Einstein. The coin is the smallest machine-minted gold coin in the world. Measuring only 2.96 millimetres in diameter and with a weight of 0.063 grams, the .999 pure gold coins carry a legal tender denomination of 1/4-franc (or 1/500 ounce). Because the image on the minted sides cannot normally be seen with the naked eye, Swissmint has commissioned special packaging complete with magnifying lenses and a light source, ensuring that each coin can be examined while still keeping it safely stored.

The coins are, obviously, not meant for circulation so are classified as Non-Circulating Legal Tender (NCLT) targeted at collectors.

Switzerland / Quarter Franc - obverse photo

The obverse shows the nominal face value of 1/4 Fr. below the Swiss Cross. Around above, the legend HELVETIA (the Latin name of Switzerland). Around below left, the composition AU 999.9 (99.99% gold). Around below right, the troy ounce weight: OZ 1/500.

At center below, the mint mark B of Swissmint (formerly known as the Bern Mint, then the Federal Mint of Switzerland).

Obverse Inscription HELVETIA 1/4 Fr. AU 999.9 OZ 1/500
Switzerland / Quarter Franc - reverse photo

The obverse depicts the famous image of Albert Einstein sticking out his tongue. The year of issue 2020 is around left. The designer's privy mark is on the collar of the scientist's suit.

Reverse Inscription 2020
EdgePlainEdge InscriptionNone
Coin Type: Quarter Franc - (1) Coins
Royal Mint
Royal Mint
Quarter Franc: Details
CurrencySwiss Franc
Face Value1/4 (x Franc)
Material0.9999 Gold
TechnologyMilled (machine-made)
OrientationMedal Alignment (Axis 0)
Size2.9600 mm
Mass0.0630 g