Northern Mariana Islands: Coins Issued and Used

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Northern Mariana Islands (1978 - )
Information about what currencies were issued by Northern Mariana Islands, with lists of coinage, as well as periods when foreign-issued currencies were used.
Currency: Northern Mariana Islands Dollar. Used in Northern Mariana Islands: (2005 - present)
CurrencyNorthern Mariana Islands Dollar
PeriodNorthern Mariana Islands Dollar
Used2005 - present

The Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands is an island country in the western Pacific, in free association with the United States. In one way or another, the country has been under US administration since it was established, and has never had its own separate currency - it has always used the US Dollar. However, it allows some foreign mints to issue coins under its authority; these are denominated in US Dollars but are only legal tender in the commonwealth, so can in a way be considered to be in "Northern Mariana Islands Dollars", even though such a currency does not officially exist.

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