Twenty-five Francs 2022 Platinum, Coin from Switzerland - detailed information

Twenty-five Francs 2022 Platinum, Coin from Switzerland
CoinTwenty-five Francs 2022 Platinum

The Twenty-five Francs denomination of the Swiss Franc was used for the first time in 2022 to issue a non-circulating platinum coin. Given that Switzerland has four official languages, the Franc has three different names: Franken in German, franc in French and Romansh, and franco in Italian.

These coins are non-circulating legal tender made for collectors.

This coin is the first platinum coin issued by Switzerland, and it celebrates the metal of platinum itself.

Platinum is a chemical element with the symbol Pt, the atomic number 78 in the periodic table and an atomic weight of 195,084 u. It has a high density and is significantly harder than gold. The precious metal is very resistant to corrosion and has a melting point of approximately 1,800 °C. Platinum was probably first used in Ancient Egypt in around 3000 BC. Today, platinum is used in a variety of areas, including automotive catalytic converters, jewellery, coins, laboratory and analytical equipment, medical implants, pacemakers and cancer therapy. The main sources of raw materials are South Africa, Russia, Canada and the US.

MintSwissmint Mint MarkLetter B Total Mintage999
Switzerland / Twenty-five Francs 2022 Platinum - obverse photo

The obverse shows slightly above its centre a small Swiss Cross. Below the centre on two lines, the numeral 25 for the value and a language-neutral abbreviation FR for the denomination (Francs). The mint mark B of Swissmint (ex Bern Mint) is between them.

In concentric circles around, the inscription CONFOEDERATIO HELVETICA (translated from Latin: Confederation of Switzerland) and the date of issue: 2022.

In a small circle on the left, the hallmark Pt 999.5(99.95% platinum).

Obverse Inscription 25 FR CONFOEDERATIO HELVETICA 2022
Switzerland / Twenty-five Francs 2022 Platinum - reverse photo

The reverse design features a modern illustration of platinum as a raw material. It depicts the element symbol Pt representing the metal platinum in the middle of a cogwheel, among other things. To the left of it is a column of numbers, which add up to 78: 2, 8, 18, 32, 17, 1 - representing the shell structure (electrons per energy level) of the element platinum.

The number 195.084 below the symbolic element platinum corresponds to the atomic mass. In the lower third of the design, the word PLATINUM.

The signature of the designer is below right: in inverse R and M within a circle, for Remo Mascherini.

Reverse Inscription Pt PLATINUM
EdgePlain, inscribedEdge Inscription

Finish: proof.
Packaging: in a black display box with illustrated shipper, and a numbered Certificate of Authenticity.
Swissmint Article no. 510000623.
Date of issue: 13 January 2022.
Issue price: CHF 799.00.

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Twenty-five Francs 2022 Platinum: Details
CurrencySwiss Franc
Coin TypeTwenty-five Francs, Platinum
SymbolSwiss Cross
Face Value25 (x Franc)
Total Mintage999
Material0.9995 Platinum
DesignerRemo Mascherini
TechnologyMilled (machine-made)
OrientationMedal Alignment (Axis 0)
Size25.000 mm
Mass13.890 g
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Twenty-five Francs 2022 Platinum: Photos
Platinum, Pt proof
Copyright: Swissmint
Platinum, Pt proof
Copyright: Swissmint
Platinum, Pt proof
Copyright: Swissmint