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Information about Naples.

Country: Naples
From year1282
Existed to1816

The Kingdom of Naples (Neapolitan: Regno 'e Napule, Italian: Regno di Napoli), comprising the southern part of the Italian Peninsula, was the remainder of the old Kingdom of Sicily after the secession of the island of Sicily as a result of the Vespers of 1282.

It was officially known as the Kingdom of Sicily, although it never included the island of Sicily. For much of its existence, the realm was contested between French and Spanish dynasties. In 1816, it was merged with the island kingdom of Sicily once again to form the Kingdom of the Two Sicilies.

Monarch reigns
King Alfonso I, King of Aragon as Alfonso V 2 June 1442 27 June 1458
King Louis XII, King of France 2 August 1501 31 January 1504
Ferdinando III (King Ferdinand III), King of Aragon as Ferdinand II 31 January 1504 23 January 1516
Carlo IV (King Charles IV), King of Spain as Charles I and Holy Roman Emperor 14 March 1516 25 July 1554
Filippo I (King Philip I), King of Spain as Philip II 25 July 1554 13 September 1598
Filippo III (King Philip III), King of Spain as Philip IV 5 April 1648 17 September 1665
Carlo V (King Charles V), King of Spain as Charles II 17 September 1665 1 November 1700
Carlo VI (King Charles VI), Archduke of Austria and Holy Roman Emperor 11 April 1713 2 June 1734
King Joseph I 30 March 1806 6 June 1808