Naples: Information

Naples (1282 - 1816)

The Kingdom of Naples (Neapolitan: Regno 'e Napule, Italian: Regno di Napoli), comprising the southern part of the Italian Peninsula, was the remainder of the old Kingdom of Sicily after the secession of the island of Sicily as a result of the Vespers of 1282.

It was officially known as the Kingdom of Sicily, although it never included the island of Sicily. For much of its existence, the realm was contested between French and Spanish dynasties. In 1816, it was merged with the island kingdom of Sicily once again to form the Kingdom of the Two Sicilies.

Naples: List of Rulers.
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Naples: Details
Official NameKingdom of Naples
Original NameNapoli
FlagFlag of Naples
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Naples: Currencies Used
Neapolitan Piastra 1735 1812
Neapolitan Lira 1812 1813