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Manx Pound (1971 - present)
Currency NameManx Pound

The Manx pound (Manx: Punt Manninagh) is the currency of the Isle of Man, in parity with the pound sterling. The Manx pound is divided into 100 pence. Government notes and coins, denominated in pounds and pence, are issued by the Isle of Man Government.

Whilst ISO 4217 does not include a separate currency code for the Manx pound, where code distinct from GBP is desired IMP is generally used.

In 1971 the United Kingdom moved to a decimal currency with the pound subdivided into 100 pence. The Isle of Man Government, having issued its own banknotes for ten years, took the opportunity to approach the Royal Mint and request its own versions of the decimal coins, which were introduced in 1971.

Coin Types in currency: Manx Pound (2)
Coin TypeTypeFromToSub-typesCoins
Crown Non-Circulating Legal Tender 1970 5
Unsorted Other 201
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Issued ByIsle of Man
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Flag of Isle of Man Isle of Man Manx Pound 1971
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