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Switzerland / Twenty Francs 1935 L-B

In 1895, the Federal Council of Switzerland decided that the gold coininage should be updated with a novel design. A depiction of Helvetia by Neuchâtel artist Fritz Ulysse Landry (1842 - 1927) was selected, which shows a female head with tresses in profile, with a garland of edelweiss and an alpine panorama in the background. Even though it was considered too "frivolous" by some, the design was widely popular and given the endearing nickname of Vreneli.

The nickname could derive from "Verena", or it could have roots in the tale of William Tell, in which a character named "Vreneli" appears.

The design depicts, within a beaded border, a representation of Helvetia - the female personification of Switzerland. Helvetia is seen in profile, facing left, her hair braided, with a garland of edelweiss flowers around her shoulders. There is an alpine panorama of high mountains (the Alps) in the background. The artist's name F. LANDRY is incuse around left. Around above, the inscription HELVETIA (the Latin name of Switzerland).

Vreneli - Example/s on coins
Switzerland / Twenty Francs 1935 L-B

Vreneli on a 20 Francs coin

Switzerland / Twenty Francs 1935 L-B

On the 20 Francs, the artist's name is below right, on Helvetia's shoulder.

Switzerland / Ten Francs 1911

Vreneli on a 10 Francs coin

Switzerland / Ten Francs 1911

The design was initially used for the 20 Francs denomination only, but from 1911 until 1926 (plus a small number of 1910 patterns) was also used on 10 Francs coins. The artist's name is around left.

Vreneli - showing 39 of 39 coins
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