Information about legend: ELIZABETH II TUVALU


Tuvalu is a parliamentary democracy and Commonwealth realm. Queen Elizabeth II became Queen of Tuvalu since the country became independent on 1st October 1978, and was the Head of State of the country until her death in 2022.

Since the Queen resides in the United Kingdom, she is represented in Tuvalu by a Governor General, whom she appoints upon the advice of the Prime Minister of Tuvalu.

The coinage of the country is issued in the monarch's name and has her effigy and legend (in English) on the obverse. Quite often, non-circulating coins also have their face value, date of issue and precious metal content (if any) on the obverse, to free up the reverse for a commemorative or other design. In a few cases, the legend is shortened to just "Elizabeth II" and not "Queen Elizabeth II".

See also coins with the full legend, QUEEN ELIZABETH II TUVALU.

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PersonQueen Elizabeth II
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