Information about legend: EDWARD · VIII · KING · EMPEROR

EDWARD · VIII · KING · EMPEROR (1936 - 1936)

This legend was displayed on only one Fiji coin, the one penny of 1936, during the reign of King Edward VIII in his capacity as King of Fiji. It refers to his role as King of the United Kingdom and all of its dominions, colonies and territories, and Emperor of India. Owing to his short reign (he abdicated later the same year), there were no further issues using this legend.

EDWARD · VIII · KING · EMPEROR - Fiji - (1) Coins
Coin NameReverseObverseDetails
Penny 1936 (King Edward VIII) Fiji / Penny 1936 (King Edward VIII) - reverse photo Fiji / Penny 1936 (King Edward VIII) - obverse photo Material: CuproNickel
Mint: Royal Mint
Mintage: 120,000
Royal Mint
Royal Mint
Legend: Details
Year From1936
Year To1936
PersonKing Edward VIII of the United Kingdom
Legend: Photos
: Photo Coin - 1 Penny, Fiji, 1936
Copyright: Museums Victoria / CC BY
Author: Taryn Ellis
Notes: Copper-nickel coin.
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