Information about legend: ΙΟΝΙΚΟΝ ΚΡΑΤΟΣ

ΙΟΝΙΚΟΝ ΚΡΑΤΟΣ (1819 - 1860)
Full textΙΟΝΙΚΟΝ ΚΡΑΤΟΣ (Ιονικόν Κράτος).

(from Greek) Ionian State.

The United States of the Ionian Islands (Greek: Ἡνωμένον Κράτος τῶν Ἰονίων Νήσων, literally "United State of the Ionian Islands") was a state and amical protectorate of the United Kingdom between 1815 and 1864. It was the successor state of the Septinsular Republic. It covered the territory of the Ionian Islands in modern Greece and it was ceded to Greece as a gift of the United Kingdom to the newly enthroned King George I at the end of the protectorate.

Its coinage carried the short version of the name.

ΙΟΝΙΚΟΝ ΚΡΑΤΟΣ - Ionian Islands - (20) Coins
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Legend: Details
Year From1819
Year To1860
CountryIonian Islands
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