Information about mint: India Government Mint, Kolkata (ex Calcutta Mint)

India Government Mint, Kolkata (ex Calcutta Mint) (1757 - present)

The India Government Mint, Kolkata was first established in 1757, and was located in a building next to the Black Hole in the old fort - where the GPO (General Post Office) stands today. It was called the Calcutta Mint and used to produce coins with the mint name, Murshidabad.

The second Calcutta Mint was established with the modern machinery brought in 1790 from England. It was located at the site of Gillet Ship building Establishment, which had been taken over by the Stamp and Stationary Committee in 1833. The coins issued from this mint continued to bear mint name Murshidabad.

In March 1824 the foundation of third Calcutta Mint was laid on Strand Road and was opened for production from 1 August 1829. Until 1835 the coins issued at this mint continued to be in the name of the Murshidabad Mint. The imposing frontage of the building of the third Mint was based on a design of the Temple of Athena in Athens, Greece, usually known as the Parthenon. The operative blocks were hidden out of view by the magnificent frontage.

This mint was named as "Old Silver Mint". The foundation for this mint was laid March 1824, and production began August 1, 1829.

The coinage production capacity then was varying between 3,00,000 to 6,00,000 pieces per day. In 1860 an annexe known as the "Copper Mint" was built to the north of the Silver Mint for the exclusive production of copper coins.

The silver and copper mints both used to function and produce coins of bronze, silver and gold. Both these mints were well equipped with the coining presses supplied by Boulton and Watt of Soho, Birmingham, England.

Apart from minting of coins another important function of the Kolkata Mint was the manufacturing of medals and decorations during the British regime. The production of medals continues to this day.

The Alipore Mint was opened on 19 March 1952. The full operation for the coinage and preparation of medals, decorations and badges started in Alipore Mint from this date. In addition to production of coins for domestic use also produces coins for other nations.

Coins struck by: India Government Mint, Kolkata (ex Calcutta Mint) (9)
CountryYearNameMintageMint Mark
United Kingdom 1900 One Dollar 1900 363,372 Letter C
United Kingdom 1901 One Dollar 1901 1,513,685 Letter C
United Kingdom 1902 One Dollar 1902 1,266,618 Letter C
Australia 1916 Penny 1916 3,324,000 Letter I
Australia 1916 Halfpenny 1916 3,600,025 Letter I
Australia 1917 Penny 1917 6,240,000 Letter I
Australia 1917 Halfpenny 1917 5,760,000 Letter I
Australia 1918 Penny 1918 1,200,000 Letter I
Australia 1918 Halfpenny 1918 1,440,000 Letter I
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India Government Mint, Kolkata (ex Calcutta Mint): Details
From Year1757
LocationKolkata, West Bengal
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Mint Marks used by: India Government Mint, Kolkata (ex Calcutta Mint)
Letter C

On trade coinage, the Calcutta Mint had the letter C as mint mark.

Letter I

Letter I.

Located under the bottom scroll on the reverse of Australian One Penny coins of the "Commonwealth of Australia" type, or under the portrait of the king on the obverse of Australian One Penny coins of the "Kangaroo" type.