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Antoine Bovy (14 December 1795 - 18 September 1877)

Antoine Bovy was a French/Swiss sculptor and medallist. He was a student of the studio of Jean-Jacques Pradier at the Ecole des Beaux-Arts in Paris.

He created numerous medals, distinguished by highly artistic portraits and a large thematic variety. The best of his works include medals in honour of Goethe, Calvin, Cuvier, Liszt, Louis-Philippe and also several portraying Napoleon I. He worked in France in service of Louis-Philippe and Napoleon III.

For his homeland, he also engraved (after designs by Friedrich Fisch and Albert Walch) the higher denominations of the first Swiss coinage: the Half Franc, One Franc, Two Francs and Five Francs. Some of these designs are still used on modern Swiss coinage, so some current Swiss coins carry the inscription A.
(inct. being abbreviated from the Latin verb "incidere" meaning "engraved by".

He signed his works with AB., A. BOVY or A. BOVY F..

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