Information about Carl Friedrich Voigt

Carl Friedrich Voigt (6 October 1800 - 13 October 1874)

Carl Friedrich Voigt (alternatively spelled Karl Friedrich Voigt) was a German medalist, engraver, gem cutter and coin die cutter.

Voigt initially worked for various renowned engravers, including Gottfried Bernhard Loos in the Berlin Mint, and with Benedetto Pistrucci at the Royal Mint in London. From 1829 to 1855 he was then senior engraver and medalist at the Royal Bavarian Mint (Bayerisches Hauptmünzamt) in Munich, being the die cutter of numerous coins of the Kingdom of Bavaria. He also created there many medals for the Wittelsbach and other German royal houses.

After 1832 he also produced coin dies for the new Greek King Otto I (from the House of Wittelsbach), as well as various coins and medals for the Vatican. In 1836, King Otto I of Greece awarded him the Silver Knight's Cross of the Order of the Redeemer for his work on Greek coinage.

He also designed the new Swiss 5, 10 and 20 centimes / rappen coins released in 1850; his reverse designs are still current today.

His signature on medals and coins was VOIGT, or Κ. ΦΟΪΓΤ in Greek transliteration (on coins carrying his effigy of King Otto I).

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