Monaco / Prince Antonio I

Monaco - Prince Antonio I (3 January 1701 - 20 February 1731)

Antonio I was the sovereign Prince of Monaco from 1701 to 1731. He was the elder son of Louis I of Monaco and Catherine Charlotte de Gramont.

In 1683 Antonio was named lieutenant in the Régiment du Roi Infanterie. In 1684 he was named colonel of the regiment of Soissonois. During the Nine Years War he was present at the Battle of Philippsburg (1688), the Battle of Fleurus (1690), the Siege of Mons (1691), and the Siege of Namur (1692).

On 21 August 1702 Antonio took the oath to King Louis XIV of France in the Parlement on account of being Duke of Valentinois and a Peer of France. He was made a knight of the French royal orders in 1724.

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