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Monaco - Prince Honoré II (21 November 1604 - 10 January 1662)

Honoré II was Prince of Monaco from 1604 to 1662. He was the first to be called Prince, but started his reign as Lord of Monaco.

Honoré II was born on December 24, 1597. He was the son of Hercule, Lord of Monaco and Maria Landi. His father was murdered when he was six, and he succeeded under the regency of his uncle, Frederico Landi, 4th Prince of Val di Taro. Landi was a loyal ally and friend of Spain and allowed the country to be occupied by Spanish troops in 1605. The inhabitants of Monaco were prohibited to carry arms and the Prince and his two sisters were moved to Milan. The Council of Monaco tried to limit Spanish power but the occupation lasted until 1614, and a strong Spanish influence remained until 1633, when it recognized Honoré as a sovereign prince.

Honoré died on January 10, 1662. He was interred in the Cathedral of St. Nicholas (it stood on the location of the current cathedral) in Monaco.

A collector's silver coin has been issued by the Treasury of Monaco portraying Honoré II on the occasion of the 400th anniversary (1612 - 2012) of the use of the title "Sovereign Prince" the silver coin has a €10 face value.

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From21 November 1604
To10 January 1662
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