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Detailed information about Coin: Sixpence 1937 (pattern) from Australia

Coin: Sixpence 1937 (pattern)

A few 1937 pattern sixpences have been reported.

CountryAustralia CurrencyAustralian Pound
Face value6 (x Penny) TypeSixpence (Sterling silver)
Year1937 CurrentNo (demonetised 1966)
MaterialSilver DesignerWilliam Henry James Blakemore
Production technologyMilled (machine-made) ShapeRound
Size (mm)19 Thickness (mm)
Mass (g)2.8200

Effigy of the monarch, legend.

Throughout the history of the coin, monarchs were: King Edward VII, King George V, king George VI and Queen Elizabeth II.

No sixpence coins were issued during the reign of King Edward VIII.

Obverse inscription

Legend of the monarch.


Ensigns Armorial of the Commonwealth of Australia, as authorised by Royal Warrant 7th May 1908 - composed of a simple shield enclosing a cross of Saint George on which are five six-pointed stars, around the outside of which are six small escutcheons, i.e., small shields. The shield is supported by a kangaroo and an emu standing on a grassy mound.

Above the shield a crest, the seven-pointed star of Federation on a wreath. Below on a ribbon the motto ADVANCE AUSTRALIA is inscribed.

Around above, SIXPENCE and below, between arrow heads, the date.

Reverse inscription


EdgeMilled Edge inscription


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