One Cent, Draped Bust, Coin Type from United States - detailed information

One Cent, Draped Bust, Coin Type from United States (issued 1796 - 1807)
Coin TypeOne Cent, Draped Bust

The United States one-cent coin (often called a penny, from the British coin of the same name) is a unit of currency equalling one-hundredth of a United States dollar. The cent's symbol is ¢. It has been the lowest-value physical unit of U.S. currency since the abolition of the half-cent in 1857.

The earliest one cent coins were large and made of copper. In 1793, two short-lived types were struck: the Flowing Hair / Chain Cent and the Flowing Hair / Wreath Cent. Their design was met with heavy criticism, so the Philadelphia Mint discontinued them and later in the year updated the denomination to an obverse design featuring a figure of Miss Liberty and a pole with a Liberty cap on it, known as the Liberty Cap Cent. These were only issued until 1796, after which time the Draped Bust type of One Cent coins was introduced.

The obverse of this type features a "rather buxom" bust of Miss Liberty facing right. Some accounts identify the model as Philadelphia socialite Ann Willing Bingham, daughter of the first president of the First Bank of the United States. The reverse remained the same as before, with minor modifications through the eyars. One Cent coins of the Draped Bust type were only issued until 1807, after which they were replaced with the "Classic Head" design.

The large copper format of the one cent denomination was discontinued by the Coinage Act of February 21, 1857 and was replaced by a smaller bronze coin. While withdrawn from circulation and not used any more, these coins have never been officially demonetised though.

United States / One Cent, Draped Bust - obverse photo

The obverse of the coin shows, within a denticled (toothed) border, the draped bust of Liberty, facing right, with flowing long hair tied with a ribbon.

Around above, LIBERTY.

Around below, the date of issue: [year].

Obverse Inscription LIBERTY [year]
United States / One Cent, Draped Bust - reverse photo

On two lines at its centre, the coin displays its value and denomination: ONE CENT surrounded by a wreath.

Below the ribbon tying the wreath, the value of the coin expressed as a fraction of the dollar: 1/100.

Around, the legend UNITED STATES OF AMERICA.

EdgePlainEdge InscriptionNone
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One Cent, Draped Bust: Details
CountryUnited States
CurrencyUS Dollar
Sub-type ofOne Cent
Face Value1 (x Cent)
CurrentNo; withdrawn 1857
DesignerRobert Scot
TechnologyMilled (machine-made)
OrientationCoin Alignment (Axis 6)
Size29.0000 mm
Mass10.8900 g