Palladium Ounce - American Eagle, Coin Type from United States - detailed information

Palladium Ounce - American Eagle, Coin Type from United States (issued 2017 - )
Coin TypePalladium Ounce - American Eagle

The American Palladium Eagle is the official palladium bullion coin of the United States. The coin has a face value of $25 and contains 99.95% fine palladium. It was authorised by the American Eagle Palladium Bullion Coin Act of 2010 which became Public Law 111-303 passed during the 111th United States Congress. The Palladium Eagle uses Adolph Weinman's obverse design of the Mercury Dime with Miss Liberty wearing a winged hat, while its reverse is based on Weinman's design which has been used since 1907 on the American Institute of Architects' (AIA) annual Gold Medal.

A bullion version sold directly to the United States Mint's authorised purchasers was released on 25 September 2017, and a proof version was released on 6 September 2018. The 2019 coin had a reverse proof finish, after which the Mint announced it would alternate the finish in that order in subsequent years. After the first issue - which was struck at Philadelphia, the coins are produced by the U.S. Mint facility at West Point.

The coins are slightly heavier than one ounce, so as to have exactly one troy ounce of palladium content.

United States / Palladium Ounce - American Eagle - obverse photo

Within a plain rim, the obverse of the coin shows a portrait of Miss Liberty facing left, the tight curls of her hair caught in a Phrygian cap (pileus) which is winged. This is reminiscent of the Roman god Mercury, where the popular name of the Mercury Dime comes, on which the design was first used.

Around above in large letters, the word LIBERTY is partly obscured by the top of the cap.

On two lines below left, the national motto IN · GOD WE · TRUST.

The designer's monogram WA (W over A), for Adolph Weinman, is in the field below right.

Below right, under the neck truncation of the portrait, the date: [year].

Obverse Inscription LIBERTY IN · GOD WE · TRUST [year]
United States / Palladium Ounce - American Eagle - reverse photo

Within a plain rim, the reverse of the coin depicts an American Eagle perched atop a rock, breaking a branch off a small tree with its beak.

Around above, the inscription UNITED STATES of AMERICA. On the left, the face value $25 (twenty-five dollars).

Around below, the metal content 1 OZ. Pd .9995 FINE (one troy ounce of 99.95% palladium).

In larger letters below that, the motto E PLURIBUS UNUM ("Out of many, one" - signifying unity in diversity).

Reverse Inscription UNITED STATES of AMERICA $25 1 OZ. Pd .9995 FINE E PLURIBUS UNUM
EdgeMilledEdge InscriptionNone
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Palladium Ounce - American Eagle: Details
CountryUnited States
CurrencyUS Dollar
Face Value25 (x Dollar)
Material0.9995 Palladium
DesignerAdolph Weinman
TechnologyMilled (machine-made)
OrientationMedal Alignment (Axis 0)
Size34.0360 mm
Thickness3.0000 mm
Mass31.1200 g