Baby Set Medal (2021), Coin from Australia - detailed information

Baby Set Medal (2021), Coin from Australia
CoinBaby Set Medal (2021)

Medals are a form of "exonumia" - objects related to coinage but not coins themselves. such are, for example, the medals included in many Royal Mint proof sets. They do not have any "face value" and are not tokens either, but can still be of interest to coin collectors.

Tokens were used in the past as a sort of privately issued money. This is no longer the case, but mints and other entities now strike medal-like objects they call "tokens".

This medal was part of the Baby Coins Uncirculated Year Set 2021 released in November 2020.

The set contains three "baby versions" of the circulating denomination, and they are all depicted on the medal.

The mint says:
"A posable wooden echidna sits on the 5c, a cute wind-up platypus swims amongst the bubbles on the 20c, while an adorable mob of cuddly plush kangaroos flop about on the back of the $1 coin. Altogether, they create a cute and engaging year set that celebrates the arrival of a new baby, the wonders of a child’s imagination and the simple joys of collecting."

Mintunknown Mint MarkNo mint mark Total Mintageunknown

Plain (the medal is uniface).

Obverse Inscription (none)
Australia / Baby Set Medal (2021) - reverse photo

Against a background with coloured decoration, the reverse displays three children's toys: a plush kangaroo (as shown on the baby $1), a wind-up platypus (as on the 20 cents) and a posable echidna (as on the 5 cents).

There is no inscription.

Reverse Inscription (none)
EdgePlainEdge InscriptionNone
Issued in Set
Baby Coins Uncirculated Year Set - 2021 Uncirculated Year Set, mintage unknown
6 coins: $2 Aboriginal Elder, $1 Kangaroo Toys, 50 Cents, 20 Cents Platypus Toy, 10 Cents, 5 Cents Echidna Toy, Baby Set Medal
All (3) coins of type: Medals and Tokens
Coin NameMintageLegend
First World War Memorial Plaque Replica unknown (none)
Baby Set Medal (2021) unknown (none)
Centenary Royal Australian Air Force (2021) unknown 1921 - 2021 CENTENARY ROYAL AUSTRALIAN AIR FORCE
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Baby Set Medal (2021): Details
Coin TypeMedals and Tokens
DesignerBronwyn King
TechnologyMilled (machine-made)
OrientationMedal Alignment (Axis 0)
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Baby Set Medal (2021): Photos
Baby Coins Uncirculated Year Set - Medal
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