Silver Ounce 2020 Hummingbird, Coin from Dominica - detailed information

Silver Ounce 2020 Hummingbird, Coin from Dominica
CoinSilver Ounce 2020 Hummingbird

Dominica is a sovereign island country in the Caribbean which uses the Eastern Caribbean Dollar (EC$) as its currency; it is the common currency of six independent states and two British Overseas Territories. The EC$ has both common and national issues. All common circulating coins are issued under the authority of the Eastern Caribbean Central Bank and have no issuing country specified on them. Separately, each member country can also strike coins bearing its national symbols; these coins are legal tender in all members states, and are usually commemorative or bullion not intended for general circulation. Most of the member states - except Dominica, which is a republic - share the same monarch with the United Kingdom, so that the effigy of the monarch is displayed on the coins and banknotes of the currency. Dominica is nevertheless a member of the Commonwealth of Nations which recognises British monarch as Head of the Commonwealth.

Dominica has authorised some foreign mints to strike coins under its issuing authority for collector's purposes. Some of these are in popular bullion formats, such as one troy ounce (1 oz) of silver.

This coin is part of the third edition of the Eastern Caribbean 8 (EC8) series of premium bullion coins by the Scottsdale Mint, which has a new annual design for each country of the Organisation of Eastern Caribbean States (OECS). The 2020 edition for Dominica features a Hummingbird.

Hummingbirds are birds native to the Americas and comprise the biological family Trochilidae. They occur from Alaska to Tierra del Fuego, but the vast majority of the species are found in the tropics. They are small birds, with most species measuring 7.5 - 13 cm in length. They are specialised for feeding on flower nectar, but all species also consume flying insects or spiders.

MintScottsdale Mint Mint MarkNo mint mark Total Mintage25,500
Dominica / Silver Ounce 2020 Hummingbird - obverse photo

The obverse of the coins shows the crowned mature head of Queen Elizabeth II facing right (her effigy known as the "Fourth Portrait"). The Queen wears the "Girls of Great Britain and Ireland" diamond tiara, a wedding gift from Queen Mary (Her Majesty's grandmother) in 1947 - which she also has on the Machin and the Gottwald portraits.

Normally, the artist's initials IRB (for Ian Rank-Broadley) are below the portrait when it is used; however, they are not displayed here.

The effigy is surrounded by a laurel wreath. The central circle has a frosted finish.

In the rim, within a plain border, around above the name of the issuing authority: EASTERN CARIBBEAN CENTRAL BANK. Around below, the legend of the monarch, QUEEN ELIZABETH II.

Facing outward, around below left the precious metal content of the coin: 1 OZ .999 SILVER (one troy ounce of 99.9% silver); around below right, the face value TWO DOLLARS.

Dominica / Silver Ounce 2020 Hummingbird - reverse photo

The reverse of the coin depicts a hummingbird hovering over a flower, ready to drink from its nectar. In the background, hills and tropical plants.

Around above, the name of the country: DOMINICA. The date of issue 2020 is in the left field.

Reverse Inscription DOMINICA 2020
EdgeMilledEdge InscriptionNone

Finish: bullion proof-like.
Packaging: in capsule, with 5 coins in a sealed blister strip.

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Silver Ounce 2020 Hummingbird: Known varieties
Variety Coloured Proof
Images Dominica / Silver Ounce 2020 Hummingbird / Coloured Proof - obverse photo Dominica / Silver Ounce 2020 Hummingbird / Coloured Proof - reverse photo
Mintage Issued: 500 (included in total)

Coloured reverse. Packaged in a special edition gift box with display case, with a numbered Certificate of Authenticity.

Royal Mint
Royal Mint
Silver Ounce 2020 Hummingbird: Details
CurrencyEastern Caribbean Dollar (Dominica)
Coin TypeSilver Ounce (1 oz)
EffigyQueen Elizabeth II - Fourth Portrait, by Ian Rank-Broadley
Face Value2 (x Dollar)
Total Mintage25,500
Material0.999 Silver
TechnologyMilled (machine-made)
OrientationMedal Alignment (Axis 0)
Size39.000 mm
Mass31.100 g
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Silver Ounce 2020 Hummingbird: Photos
2020 EC8 Dominica 1 oz Silver Color Coin
Copyright: Scottsdale Mint
Notes: Coloured proof.
Coin, Dominica, Silver Ounce 2020 Hummingbird
Copyright: Scottsdale Mint
Coin, Dominica, Silver Ounce 2020 Hummingbird
Copyright: Scottsdale Mint