One Kroon 1993, Coin from Estonia - detailed information

One Kroon 1993, Coin from Estonia (demonetised 1998)
CoinOne Kroon 1993

The second Estonian kroon currency was introduced in 1992, after Estonia gained independence from the USSR. The kroon was subdivided into 100 cents (senti; singular sent). The one kroon coin was a popular circulating denomination; there was also a banknote with the same value, but the banknote was only issued in 1992 and was rarely used, as opposed to the coin.

Coins of this first type of 1 kroon were made of copper-nickel; however, due to their similarity to the German one mark, it was decided to replace them with a Nordic gold type.

Coins issued in 1993 circulated for only five years and were demonetised on 1 June 1998.

MintJuveel Mint MarkNo mint mark Total Mintage10,260,000 (10.3 million), Rarity: C (Common)
Estonia / One Kroon 1993 - obverse photo

The obverse depicts the Coat of Arms of Estonia, consisting of three lions passant gardant (walking to left, facing the observer) on a shield. The date 1993 is divided by the shield.

There is a tiny inverted letter M above the right (upper) front paw of the lower lion.

Obverse Inscription 1993
Estonia / One Kroon 1993 - reverse photo

At centre, the numeral value 1, below that the denomination KROON. Around above, · EESTI VABARIIK · (Republic of Estonia).

Reverse Inscription 1 KROON · EESTI VABARIIK ·
EdgePlainEdge InscriptionNone

There is controversy about the tiny letter M on the obverse. It is not a mint mark; it was originally present on coins minted by Juveel, but Juveel never had a mint mark for coins (it has markings on its other production); also, the letter is present on coins made later at other mints. The general opinion seems to be that the letter M is a privy mark of Rein Mikli, who was director of Juveel at the time the original dies were made.

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One Kroon 1993: Details
CurrencyKroon (Second Kroon, 1992 - 2011)
Coin TypeOne Kroon, CuproNickel
SymbolCoat of Arms of Estonia
Face Value1 (x Kroon)
Total Mintage10,260,000 (10.3 million), Rarity: C (Common)
CurrentNo; demonetised 1998
DesignerAnts Raud, Arseni Mölder
TechnologyMilled (machine-made)
OrientationMedal Alignment (Axis 0)
Size23.3500 mm
Thickness1.7000 mm
Mass5.4400 g
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One Kroon 1993: Photos
One Kroon 1993: Photo Coin, Estonia, 1 Kroon 1993 / thumbnail Coin, Estonia, 1 Kroon 1993
One Kroon 1993: Photo Coin, Estonia, 1 Kroon 1993 / thumbnail Coin, Estonia, 1 Kroon 1993
One Kroon 1993: Catalogue Reference IDs
SourceReference ID
Krause, Standard Catalog of World CoinsEstonia KM# 28
Schön, WeltmünzkatalogEstland Schön# 26