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Juveel (1923 - present)

RE Juveel (OÜ Juveel) is an Estonian company with interesting history in the jewellery industry, traditions and years of experience. It is the only producer of silver tableware in the Baltic countries and the largest producer of gold and silver jewellery in Estonia.

It was founded in 1923 as VMT Roman Tavast and produced metal badges. In 1941, the founder Roman Tavast was arrested by the Soviet government and the company was nationalised and renamed Metallmärk; during the German occupation of the country, it briefly reverted to the old name, then was Metallmärk again after the war.

There were many changes of name:
1944 - 27.12.1950 Väärismetallasjade Tehas Metallmärk
28.12.1950 - 10.02.1959 Tallinna Juveelivabrik (Tallinn Jewellery Factory)
11.02.1959 - 01.01.1979 Tallinna Juveelitehas
02.01.1979 - 23.10.1980 Tallinna Teadusaparaatide Katsetehas Delta
24.10.1980 - 31.01.1989 Tallinna Eksperimentaalne Juveelitehas
01.02.1989 - 31.03.1991 Tootmiskoondis Juveel
01.04.1991 - 09.10.1994 Riigiettevõte Juveel
10.10.1994 - 22.12.1994 OÜ Juveliir
22.12.1994 - present OÜ Juveel

The company made some of the new Estonian Krooni coinage in the 1990-ies. There is controversy about a tiny letter M which can be found on some of these coins (specifically, the 50 senti of 1992 and 2006, the 1 kroon of 1992, 1993, 1995 and the 5 krooni of 1993 of 1994). The letter is above the right (upper) paw of the lower lion in the Coat of Arms of Estonia. It is not a mint mark, and officially Juveel never had a mint mark for coins (it has markings on its other production). The general opinion seems to be that the letter M is a privy mark of Rein Mikli, who was director of the company at the time.

Coin Types predominantly or exclusively minted by: Juveel (4)
Coins struck by: Juveel (15)
CountryYearNameMintageMint Mark
Estonia 1991 Ten Senti 1991 31,280,000 No mint mark
Estonia 1991 Five Senti 1991 38,790,000 No mint mark
Estonia 1992 One Kroon 1992 (mint sets only) 20,000 No mint mark
Estonia 1992 Fifty Senti 1992 31,200,000 No mint mark
Estonia 1992 Twenty Senti 1992 31,540,000 No mint mark
Estonia 1992 Ten Senti 1992 31,280,000 No mint mark
Estonia 1992 Five Senti 1992 38,790,000 No mint mark
Estonia 1993 Five Krooni 1993 Independence 1,510,000 No mint mark
Estonia 1993 One Kroon 1993 10,260,000 No mint mark
Estonia 1994 Five Krooni 1994 Bank of Estonia 10,180,000 No mint mark
Estonia 1994 Ten Senti 1994 10,020,000 No mint mark
Estonia 1995 One Kroon 1995 19,920,000 No mint mark
Estonia 1995 Five Senti 1995 5,000,000 No mint mark
Estonia 1996 Twenty Senti 1996 10,740,000 No mint mark
Estonia 1996 Ten Senti 1996 10,110,000 No mint mark
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Mint Marks used by: Juveel
No mint mark

Juveel did not have mint marks on coins.