Silver Ounce 2019 My Guardian Angel, Coin from Palau - detailed information

Silver Ounce 2019 My Guardian Angel, Coin from Palau
CoinSilver Ounce 2019 My Guardian Angel

The Republic of Palau is an island country in the western Pacific, in free association with the United States. In one way or another, the country has been under US administration since it was established, and has never had its own separate currency - it has always used the US Dollar. However, Palau allows some foreign mints to issue coins under its authority; these are denominated in US Dollars but are only legal tender in Palau, so can in a way be considered to be in "Palau Dollars", even though such a currency does not officially exist.

The coins are usually dedicated to historical or general popular culture themes not related to the country itself. Many of them are in standard bullion sizes, including the internationally popular one troy ounce of silver.

This coin is part of the Silver Charms collection featuring specially shaped coins, and has an angel shape.

The Mint says about it:
Imagine you have a bodyguard who is always with you. He does all the usual bodyguard things like protecting you from danger, warding off assailants, and generally keeping you safe in all situations. But he also does more than this, he offers you moral guidance, helps you become a stronger person, and leads you to your ultimate calling in life. We don’t have to imagine it. We already have such a bodyguard. Christian tradition calls them guardian angels. Their existence is supported by Scripture and both Catholics and Protestants believe in them.

The Silver Guardian Angel issued for the Republic of Palau is struck three-dimensionally to produce a freestanding adorable angel that not only numismatists will come to cherish and adore, but anybody who could use a little protection from the world. Whether you get this unique shaped coin which is limited to 2500 pieces as your own guardian angel or as a gift for a beloved person, this silver piece is a particularly charming eye-catcher!

MintCIT Coin Invest Mint MarkNo mint mark Total Mintage2,500
Palau / Silver Ounce 2019 My Guardian Angel - obverse photo

The obverse of the coin features the unofficial "Emblem of Palau" used on much of the country's coinage. It has an ornate shield at centre, on which is depicted the sea god Neptune, crowned and seated on a round stone and holding a trident in his left hand; on the right, a bare breasted mermaid; on the left, a treasure chest. The ground is a beach, featuring waves and a starfish. Above Neptune, a star. Below the waves, the inscription RAINBOW'S END. Above the shield is a native rowing in a single-outrigger canoe.

Around above, surrounded by three stars on the left and three stars on the right, the name of the country: *** REPUBLIC OF PALAU ***.

Below, the face value $5 (five dollars).

Below right, the date of issue 2019.

Obverse Inscription *** REPUBLIC OF PALAU *** $5 2019
Palau / Silver Ounce 2019 My Guardian Angel - reverse photo

The design represents, in ultra high relief, an angel with spread wings, decorated with thin lines representing the sun, moon, and clouds.

There is no inscription.

Reverse Inscription (none)
EdgePlainEdge InscriptionNone

Finish: antiqued, special shape, smartminting (Ultra High Relief).
CIT Item ID: 29039

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Silver Ounce 2019 My Guardian Angel: Details
CurrencyPalau Dollar
Coin TypeSilver Ounce (1 oz)
SymbolEmblem of Palau
Face Value5 (x Dollar)
Total Mintage2,500
Material0.999 Silver
TechnologyMilled (machine-made)
OrientationMedal Alignment (Axis 0)
Size35.5 x 37.5 mm
Mass31.100 g
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Silver Ounce 2019 My Guardian Angel: Photos
Coin, Palau, Silver Ounce 2018 My Guardian Angel
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Coin, Palau, Silver Ounce 2018 My Guardian Angel
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