Twenty Francs 2020 Ceneri, Coin from Switzerland - detailed information

Twenty Francs 2020 Ceneri, Coin from Switzerland
CoinTwenty Francs 2020 Ceneri

The Twenty Francs coin is a denomination of the Swiss Franc. Given that Switzerland has four official languages, the Franc has three different names: Franken in German, franc in French and Romansh, and franco in Italian.

In regular circulation, the denomination is served by a banknote. These coins are non-circulating legal tender made for collectors. They are issued in topical series, celebrating various aspects of Swiss heritage or nature.

The edge is inscribed with the motto DOMINUS PROVIDEBIT (The Lord will provide - a quote from the Bible, Genesis 22, 8), and thirteen stars representing the original thirteen cantons of the Swiss Federation.

This coin was issued to celebrate the opening of the Ceneri tunnel in Switzerland in 2020.

It was issued on 3 September 2020, in advance of the event which was planned for later the same year.

Swissmint says about it:
"The Ceneri base tunnel is 15.4 kilometres long and is the third-largest New Rail Link through the Alps (NRLA) construction project after the Lötschberg and Gotthard base tunnels. Its portals are located to the north near Bellinzona and to the south in Vezia near Lugano. Like the Gotthard base tunnel, it consists of two single-track bores roughly 40 metres apart, connected by cross-passages set at 325 metre intervals (48 in total). 2.5 kilometres in front of the southern portal in Vezia is the Sarè underground junction, which will permit the tunnel's future extension southwards. For planning and financial reasons, construction of this extension has been scheduled for 2030. To connect the Ceneri base tunnel to the existing rail network, various structures have been built at the Camorino intersection at the tunnel's north portal. At the request of the canton of Ticino, the so-called "Bretella" – a new direct rail link between Locarno and Lugano – has been built. For Ticino, the Ceneri base tunnel thus represents a quantum leap for public transport, thanks to considerably reduced journey times. Effective construction costs amount to around CHF 3.6 billion. The Ceneri base tunnel will operate at a daily capacity of 170 freight and 180 passenger trains , with the latter reaching speeds of 200 km an hour in the tunnel (according to the timetable). After 12 years under construction, the Ceneri base tunnel will go into operation in December 2020."

MintSwissmint Mint MarkLetter B Total Mintage7,500
Switzerland / Twenty Francs 2020 Ceneri - obverse photo

The obverse shows slightly above its centre a small Swiss Cross. Below the centre on two lines, the numeral 20 for the value and a language-neutral abbreviation FR for the denomination (Francs). The mint mark B of Swissmint (ex Bern Mint) is between them.

In concentric circles around, the inscription CONFOEDERATIO HELVETICA (translated from Latin: Confederation of Switzerland) and the date of issue: 2020.

Obverse Inscription 20 FR CONFOEDERATIO HELVETICA 2020
Switzerland / Twenty Francs 2020 Ceneri - reverse photo

The reverse design of the coin shows a viaduct entering the tunnel. Above, a representation of the Alps and the inscription Ceneri.

Below that and to the right, the date of issue 2020.

In the exergue, the abbreviation of the project in the various languages of the country: NFTA, NLFA and NEAT.

The designer's surname MASCHERINI is around left in small letters.

Reverse Inscription Ceneri 2020 NFTA NLFA NEAT
EdgePlain, InscribedEdge InscriptionDOMINUS PROVIDEBIT * * * * * * * * * * * * *

The coins were issued in proof grade only, Swissmint Article no. GM2023AGPP, issue price 80 CHF.

Twenty Francs 2020 Ceneri: References to Information Used
Swissmint 2020 Mintage
All (19) coins of type: Twenty Francs, Silver
Royal Mint
Royal Mint
Twenty Francs 2020 Ceneri: Details
CurrencySwiss Franc
Coin TypeTwenty Francs, Silver
SymbolSwiss Cross
Face Value20 (x Franc)
Total Mintage7,500
Material0.835 Silver
DesignerRemo Mascherini
TechnologyMilled (machine-made)
OrientationMedal Alignment (Axis 0)
Size33.0000 mm
Mass20.0000 g
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