Information about legend: GRI (year 1938 to 1952)

GRI (year 1938 to 1952) (1938 - 1944)
LegendGRI (year 1938 to 1952)
Full textGeorgivs VI Rex Imperator

Translated from Latin: George the Sixth, King and Emperor.

Royal cypher (not full legend) of King George VI. Used only on coinage of the Territory of New Guinea.

GRI (year 1938 to 1952) - New Guinea, Territory of - (4) Coins
Coin NameMintageEffigy
Penny 1938 360,000
Sixpence 1943 128,000
Penny 1944 240,000
Threepence 1944 496,000
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Legend: Details
Year From1938
Year To1944
CountryNew Guinea, Territory of
PersonKing George VI of the United Kingdom
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