Information about mint: India Government Mint, Mumbai (ex Bombay Mint)

India Government Mint, Mumbai (ex Bombay Mint) (1829 - present)

The India Government Mint, Mumbai is one of the four mints in India and is situated in the city of Mumbai . The Mint was established in 1829 by the then governor of the Bombay Presidency. The main activity of the mint is in the production of commemorative and development-oriented coins. The mint is situated just opposite the Reserve Bank of India in the Fort area of South Mumbai.

Initially governed by the Governor of the Bombay Presidency, it was transferred to the Government of India on 18 May 1876 through a Finance Department Resolution 247. In 1918, a branch of the Royal Mint of London was set up to issue British sovereigns. In April 1919, after manufacturing 12.95 lakh (1.295 million) coins, it was shut down.

Besides coins, the Mint also produces medals of various types, for Ministry of Defence, Ministry of Home Affairs, educational institutions, social service institutions, badges etc. It is also a centre for the issuance of gold ingots in exchange of unrefined gold tendered by licensed dealers. The institution also has a separate department that makes official weights and measures such as metric weights, capacity, and linear measures for state governments, laboratories and the Bureau of Indian Standards.

Coin Types predominantly or exclusively minted by: India Government Mint, Mumbai (ex Bombay Mint) (1)
CountryCurrencyCoin TypeFromTo
United Kingdom Pound Sterling (pre-decimal) Trade Dollar 1894 1935
Coins struck by: India Government Mint, Mumbai (ex Bombay Mint) (28)
CountryYearNameMintageMint Mark
United Kingdom 1895 One Dollar 1895 3,316,063 Letter B
United Kingdom 1896 One Dollar 1896 6,135,617 Letter B
United Kingdom 1897 One Dollar 1897 21,286,427 Letter B
United Kingdom 1898 One Dollar 1898 21,545,564 Letter B
United Kingdom 1899 One Dollar 1899 30,743,159 Letter B
United Kingdom 1900 One Dollar 1900 9,106,619 Letter B
United Kingdom 1901 One Dollar 1901 25,684,971 Letter B
United Kingdom 1902 One Dollar 1902 30,404,499 Letter B
United Kingdom 1903 One Dollar 1903 3,955,647 Letter B
United Kingdom 1904 One Dollar 1904 648,847 Letter B
United Kingdom 1907 One Dollar 1907 1,945,726 Letter B
United Kingdom 1908 One Dollar 1908 6,870,741 Letter B
United Kingdom 1909 One Dollar 1909 5,954,218 Letter B
United Kingdom 1910 One Dollar 1910 5,552,910 Letter B
United Kingdom 1911 One Dollar 1911 37,470,509 Letter B
United Kingdom 1912 One Dollar 1912 5,672,075 Letter B
United Kingdom 1913 One Dollar 1913 1,566,693 Letter B
United Kingdom 1918 Sovereign 1918 1,295,372 Letter I
United Kingdom 1921 One Dollar 1921 50,211 Letter B
United Kingdom 1929 One Dollar 1929 5,100,036 Letter B
United Kingdom 1930 One Dollar 1930 6,664,865 Letter B
United Kingdom 1934 One Dollar 1934 17,335,205 Letter B
United Kingdom 1935 One Dollar 1935 6,811,995 Letter B
Australia 1942 Penny 1942 9,000,000 .PENNY.
Australia 1942 Halfpenny 1942 6,000,000 .HALF PENNY.
Australia 1943 Penny 1943 9,000,000 .PENNY.
Australia 1943 Halfpenny 1943 6,000,000 .HALF PENNY.
Australia 1945 Penny 1945 6 .PENNY.
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India Government Mint, Mumbai (ex Bombay Mint): Details
From Year1829
LocationMumbai, Maharashtra
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Mint Marks used by: India Government Mint, Mumbai (ex Bombay Mint)
Dot before and after PENNY or HALF PENNY

Dot before and after PENNY or HALF PENNY on the reverse of Australian One Penny and Half Penny coins of the "Commonwealth of Australia" type.

Letter B

On trade coinage, the Bombay Mint had the letter B as mint mark.

Letter I

Letter I, located:
- on the obverse of gold Sovereigns of the St George type: on the ground, below the horse's hoof and above the centre of the date