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Soho Mint (1788 - 1850)

Soho Mint was created by Matthew Boulton in 1788 in his Soho Manufactory in Handsworth, West Midlands, England. A mint was erected at the manufactory containing eight machines, to his own patent design, driven by steam engine, each capable of striking 70 to 84 coins per minute.

In 1797 the first, and only, copper twopenny and the first penny coins were produced under contract although the smaller denominations did not follow until later. These coins were comparatively large, having a broad raised rim with the inscription pressed below the surface and became known as the cartwheel pennies. Over 45 million were minted in two years.

In addition to copper domestic coins, silver coins were made for some of the colonies, and various medals and trade tokens were struck.

After the demise of the Soho Mint some of the machinery was bought at auction, in 1850, by the new Birmingham Mint of Ralph Heaton II.

Coin Types predominantly or exclusively minted by: Soho Mint (3)
Coins struck by: Soho Mint (12)
CountryYearNameMintageMint Mark
Great Britain 1788 Halfpenny 1788 (Pattern) unknown No mint mark
Great Britain 1790 Sixpence 1790 (Pattern) unknown No mint mark
Great Britain 1799 Halfpenny 1799 (Pattern) unknown SOHO
Ireland, Kingdom of 1804 Six Shillings 1804 unknown No mint mark
United Kingdom 1804 Five Shillings 1804 unknown No mint mark
Bahamas, British Crown Colony 1806 Penny 1806 120,000 No mint mark
United Kingdom 1806 Penny 1806 unknown SOHO
United Kingdom 1806 Halfpenny 1806 unknown SOHO
Bahamas, British Crown Colony 1807 Penny 1807 (proof only) unknown No mint mark
United Kingdom 1807 Penny 1807 unknown SOHO
United Kingdom 1807 Halfpenny 1807 unknown SOHO
United Kingdom 1808 Penny 1808 (Proof only) 1 SOHO
Soho Mint: Details
From Year1788
To Year1850
CountryUnited Kingdom
LocationHandsworth, West Midlands
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Mint Marks used by: Soho Mint
No mint mark

No mint mark.


On British halfpenny and penny coins with the seated Britannia design, the Soho Mint had the word SOHO in tiny letters on the rock to the right of th figure.